For 35 years, we have worked tirelessly to explore Natural & Nature-similar medicines that make life better. From the process development of Glucosamine to the manufacturing of Thiocolchicoside that treat Arthritic and pain related illness, we have been pioneers of breakthrough technology delivering incredible solution for some of humanity’s most stubborn and devastating diseases.

The R&D lab is recognised by DSIR (India).


Whatever our objective, we at Beloorbayir pursue R&D excellence, creating incredible value for our customers and stakeholders. With emphasis on accelerating the flow of every project while maintaining quality parameters and outcomes, we ensure business profitability is achieved through customer delight. Be it a self initiated project or a partner financed project, our priority remains, ‘affordability and quality’.

We also recognise the importance of investing in our irreplaceable & valuable assets, ‘our top class scientists’. We know they work tirelessly to achieve results. We take pride in the quality of our staff and believe our support to them on every front is what keeps us as a tight team.

Collaborations : Beloorbayir is a proud leader in Academia-Industry partnerships and we are committed to bringing great minds together to help solve tough chemical & biotechnological challenges, accelerating breakthroughs for customers who need them, and increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of bringing new segment of active substances to customers. Collaboration can bring together a wealth of knowledge and build upon existing science. In the end, this new model of investment helps streamline the discovery and development of new cost effective substances in a way that can get affordable treatments to people faster.

We leverage on our Research and Development expertise to deliver effective solutions in five main therapeutic areas: Neuroscience, Pain Management, General Anti-Infectives, Vital Organ Functioning and Cardiovascular Diseases. Today, our pipeline is comprised of more than 30 therapeutic agents.


  1. Synthetic Pharmaceutical Ingredient Process development
  2. Natural botanical active substance process development
  3. Process Contract research
  4. Finished Dosage Formulation Development


    1. Hydrogenation
    2. Halogenation
    3. Grignard Reaction
    4. High Pressure reaction
    5. Chiral Synthesis
    6. Catalytic transfer Hydrogination
    7. Buty lithium reaction
    8. Biofermentation


      • Topiramate
      • Minoxdil
      • Minoxdil Sulfate
      • Phenylephrine
      • Gabapentin
      • Oxybutynin
      • Ondensatron
      • Mycophenylate sodium
      • Carvedilol
      • Lumefantrine
      • Donapezil
      • Raspberry ketone
      • Aspartame
      • Cetilistat
      • Pepsin
      • Bromelain
      • Trypsin - chymotrypsin
      • Atorvastatin
      • Aceclofenac
      • Prasiquintal
      • Sofusbuvir
      • Folic Acid
      • N Methyl folate
      • Iron poly maltose
      • Diosmin
      • Rosuastatin
      • Methyl sulfonyl methane.
      • Glucosamine HCl & Salt forms
      • N-acetyl glucosamine
      • Chitosan
      • L Seleno Methionine
      • Fungal Amylase
      • Alpha Amylase
      • Pancreatin


      • Gabapentine
      • Atorvastatin
      • Topiramate
      • Halquinol
      • Phenylephrine
      • Voglibose IP
      • L-Carnitine Fumarate
      • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
      • L-Ornithine L-Aspartate
      • N-Acetyl Cysteine
      • Folic Acid USP 23, 37
      • Minoxidil
      • Minoxidil Sulphate
      • Chondroitin
      • Febental
      • Pepsin
      • Bromelain
      • Trypsin - chymotrypsin
      • Fungal Amylase
      • Alpha Amylase
      • Pancreatin
      • Special Intermediates - 66-2, 02-8
      • Acetyl L-Carnitine
      • Aceclofenac
      • Co-enzyme Q10
      • Alpha Lipoic Acid
      • Thiocolchicoside
      • Glucosamine