Set up in 1981, Beloorbayir began as a manufacturer of acids and alkalies with its largest client being the Balsara Group. Having gained a reputation as a company of quality and consistency, enquiries began to push production towards complex chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, after all the founder and promoter was a chemistry wizard.

Having recognised a gap in the natural healthcare business (which was mostly unorganised at that time in India), Beloorbayir set up its first herbal extracts manufacturing facility near Bangalore in the early 90’s. Maintaining its consistency in manufacturing of quality products and timely supplies, it wasn’t long before demand exceeded capacities and in 2002 a unit in Bidadi (Karnataka State) was set up dedicated for Botanical extracts.

Around the same time, the promoter recognised the growing demand for quality and affordable Glucosamine and took it upon himself to set up what would be today the best pharmaceutical grade of Glucosamine available in the global market. Beloorbayir’s Peenya plant which had been manufacturing botanical extracts was dedicated to manufacturing high grade and best in class Glucosamine.

The success of Glucosamine coupled with increasing demand for pharmaceutical intermediates prompted the company to acquire a large and technologically complex plant in Tumkur (Karnataka State) in the year 2004. Following this, an additional extracts plant was acquired in Bhatkal to meet the growing demand for Garcinia in 2007.

The company had capacities to produce over 240 metric tons of Glucosamine & over 300 metric tons of botanical extracts by the year 2008.

In 2009, Beloorbayir set up its first private label formulation manufacturing facility for Ayurvedic products as well as for its own captive use followed by expansion to Nutraceutical finished products the following year.


Having tasted tremendous success and growth for over 2 decades, the company focussed on long term quality commitments by opening its Glucosamine facility to an European Union Audit. In its very first attempt, Beloorbayir was granted an EU-GMP certification followed by Mexican and Brazilian GMP’s. Demand for products produced by Beloorbayir soared and today the group owns 7 state of the art facilities located at Bangalore, Tumkur, Bidadi, Bhatkal, Hyderabad and Pune.

Its recent acquisition of a facility in Pune ensures a competitive edge in the specialised phytochemical category.

A Hi-Tech, state of the art facility for the production of private label formulations covering tablets, capsules, softgels, ointment, liquids and creams with a built up area of 90,000 sq. ft. is currently being constructed with an estimated completion date of July 2017.

The company today boasts of a market presence in bulk ingredients supplies of Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical APIs, a world-wide supply of private label formulations, over 125 AYUSH licensed products, DMF’s registered in over 35 countries and Dossiers filed in more than 10 countries. Additionally, the company operates 2 ethical marketing divisions covering Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic products with ‘Cardia’ and ‘Sneha Natura’.