The future holds a lot of interesting chapters for Beloorbayir Biotech Limited.

We believe by 2020, we will hold a place in the Top 50 list of healthcare companies in India as the foundation to propel this growth has already been set. There is no doubt whatsoever that the company will emerge as a leading provider of proven alternative health ingredients in the global nutraceutical market. With significant current and future investment for Research & Development including clinical studies the company has over 25 ingredients in the pipeline for future launch and will have at least 5 patents to its credit by end 2017.

Included in this research and development activity are breakthrough innovation on cosmetic ingredients and new delivery systems. 2016 has seen the launch of path breaking ingredients in the nano space and active pharmaceutical ingredient space. These new products alone will generate significant growth to the organisation and will constitute 30% of overall sales turnover.

The company has invested in being a leader in the Nano technology area and most of its future products will be based on this platform redefining dosage forms and bioavailability.