Specialists in the manufacturing and supply to the trade of Health and Nutritional supplements for healthy living and vitality, the focus of the Beloorbayir Biotech formulations division is

  • Fast turnaround
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Customised packinging
  • Continuous development
  • Competitive pricing
  • Wide range of products

Ensures GMP approved manufacturing concepts and has several licenses such as

  • ISO
  • NSF
  • Cosmetic licence
  • Good manufacturing licenses

Beloorbayir Biotech supplies bulk or contract packed nutritional supplements to the health food sector. We have a range of stock tablets and capsules available for prompt delivery we have efficient lead times on custom manufactured formulas.

Beloorbayir Biotech is involved in the formulating and manufacturing of

  • tablets
  • coated tablets
  • colour coated tablets
  • tablet with break lines
  • two piece gelatine capsules( size 1, 3,0 &00)
  • two piece gelatine capsules( size 1, 3,0 &00)

We can also offer Blister packs, Blister packs into cartons, Capsules and tablets into bottles, Liquid filling, Sachet, stick packs into cartons, Creams.

Beloorbayir formulations are dispatched all over the world and also focuses on providing full export documentation.

At Bayir, we not only understand the regulatory and quality requirements of various countries, but are also well versed with different regulation prevalent in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and the European region. Apart from this we also understand logistic and commercial requirements of these geographies.

Contact us to assist you with your requirements and experience high quality service just as our other many clients do.